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"Mask for a Medic"is a social initiative that brings together specialists from the world of science and business as well as many people of good will. During the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, the medics faced the lack of tools necessary to fight in the first line. The deficit of personal protective equipment has prompted engineers around the world to look for alternative solutions. The use of the Easybreath Subea full-face diving mask has been successfully implemented in the Czech Republic and Italy, and thanks to the #MDM initiative also in Poland. By designing a special adapter, printed in 3D technology and combining it with a DAR medical filter, it was possible to provide medical staff with a highly effective protective mask.


As an ALB Logistics team, we believe that solidarity in crisis situations is a driving force for victory. We joined the Mask for Medic initiative, making our warehouse in Sosnowiec available for the project.